WAD 1000-S Cyanide Analyser

What is WAD Cyanide?

WAD Cyanide is complexed "Weak Acid Dissociable" Cyanide potentially toxic to humans and animals.

Why measure WAD Cyanide?

In today’s world environmental protection plays an important role.

  • Measuring WAD Cyanide on-line can ensure a Plant complies with the International Cyanide code.
  • Real-time results can be used to control and optimise the cyanide destruction and recovery process.
  • Method

    The WAD 1000-S Analyser uses the Picric Acid Method. Advanced sample preparation removes interferences from the sample.

    Fast and Accurate

    On-line measurement offers fast and repeatable results.
    The analysis cycle time is of the order of 20 minutes per analysis.


    The WAD 1000-S Analyser is based on the TAC 1000 hardware platform. It is designed to be simple to operate, rugged to survive harsh plant environments and easy to maintain.

    Measurement Range

    The analyser is usually set up with calibrated range of 0.1 to 50 ppm WAD Cyanide. Other ranges from 0 ppm to 300 ppm are easily handled. Virtually no cross contamination between Streams, even if one stream is over 150 ppm and the other stream is below 5 ppm as seen on typical Cyanide detox plants.


    Process Analytical Systems have equipment installed in many countries around the world and have built up a technical support system to deal with any support issues.


    The equipment has the usual process interface signals of 4-20mA and potential free contact. It also supports MODBUS data interchange. The unit uses mains at 220 VAC or 110 VAC at 10 A Maximum.

    The WAD 1000 can link to a GSM network. This allows for remote operation and support and results can be sent by SMS to anyone, anywhere.


    The WAD 1000 can be rented or purchased, please contact us for a quotation.


    The WAD 1000 is similar to our TAC 2000 and TAC 1000 range of analyser systems, they are well proven and units are installed in 20 countries.

    Download the WAD 1000 Brochure (550k)


    For more information contact us on our contacts page or send us an email at info@process-analytical.com


    • The analyser can measure two streams.
    • The analyser has a (third) manual sample addition point.
    • Able to prepare one sample while analyzing another.
    • Excellent precision and accuracy.
    • Low reagent use. e.g. Picric use is less than 0,5l per day.
    • The analyser calibrates automatically using standard and blank solutions.
    • It automatically cleans its glassware and tubing.
    • Good visibility into the operation of the machine for easy fault finding.


    • GSM modem for remote configuration and result sending via SMS.
    • PLC bus interface.
    • Number of streams and control options.