TAC 1000 Cyanide & pH Analyzer & Controller

The TAC 1000 is a cost effective Cyanide analyzer with integrated sampling system. It monitors cyanide level on one, two or three process stream, and boosts your profits.

In the Basic configuration the unit monitors the free cyanide concentration in a Gold plant. It has a simple user interface with a keypad for date entry and a LCD screen for displaying information.

The Control option connects the TAC 1000 to a cyanide dosing system. It achieves good control using a sophisticated cyanide addition algorithm.

TAC 1000 Cyanide Analyser

The TAC 1000 is a titration based Cyanide and pH Analyser with integrated sampling system. PAS has over 20 years of cyanide measurement experience. Our TAC 1000 offers the most advanced sampling system and cyanide detection methodology.

The TAC 1000 is a cost effective solution to measure cyanide on-line. Real-time measurement allows for automatic cyanide control. Running closer to set-point optimises and reduces cyanide consumption while ensuring best product recovery. There is less cyanide (Free and WAD) reporting to tailings. Some plants are able to avoid having to do cyanide destruction by optimising cyanide dosing in the leach.

All equipment is housed in a corrosion free enclosures designed for use within harsh plant environments.

The Sampling System

A well proven, patented, self cleaning sampling system guarantees a supply of fresh sample.


The TAC system is well proven and units are installed in many countries around the world.

Cyanide Control

The optional control algorithm built into TAC 1000 is the culmination of over 30 man years of experience by our team in handling and implementing cyanide control on Gold/Silver plants. Due to the nature of the application, cyanide control is a complex problem where off the shelf PID control solutions offer less than optimal results. The natural complexity presents challenges. The PAS predictive control algorithm can be configured to give good control response under trying circumstance. It is robust enough to withstand reasonable plant changes without requiring re-tuning. Our cyanide control algorithm has a proven track record in reagent savings. The payback period of our systems is often “startlingly short”. An added economic benefit of tighter cyanide control is higher product yield.

Download TAC 1000 Brochure (138k)


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Key Benefits

  • Rugged, low maintenance, low cost system.
  • Simple to install by end user.
  • Self cleaning sampling system.
  • Process visibility through automated determination and reporting of cyanide levels.
  • Reduction of cyanide consumption.
  • Accurate control of cyanide levels allows for process optimization.
  • Accurate data logging and reporting.
  • Reduces manual procedures.


  • Second and third stream capability.
  • pH measurement and pH control.
  • Cyanide control options.
  • Optional printer for hard copy of results and plant status providing supervisors with a history of plant performance.
  • Signal interface via Modbus.
  • Cellular phone modem for remote configuration and result sending via text message.
  • Packaged for outside operation.