Support and Spares

Most of our analyzers are installed in very remote parts of the world; that is the nature of the mining industry. Our equipment is designed to be reliable and easy to maintain. If something does go faulty, all items such as valves, pumps etc. are designed to be “End user” replaceable. Most items are swopped out by undoing 4 screws. The electrical connection is made with a keyed plug that can only be connected one way.

PAS keeps a vast range of spares in stock to offer outstanding support for our units. We keep all spares of current analyzers in stock and can usually dispatch next day by courier to site.

GSM interface

Our current analyzers interface to the GSM cellular phone networks. This allows for remote support of the analyzers. We can diagnose faults and even repair them remotely.

The analyzers can send Alarms or results as SMS to ant cell phone. The unit can be configured to give a daily report on how the plant performed over the last 24 hrs. All this is done at a remarkable low monthly cost.


At PAS we are proud of our spares holding, we keep almost every spare part available in stock at our main store.

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