On-line Cyanide analysis

Process Analytical Systems specialises in on-line analytical equipment for the measurement and control of Cyanide and WAD Cyanide.

We are extremely proud of our heritage, with a history going back over 25 years as Cyanide measurement and control specialists. Coupled with a unique mix of engineering skills and precision manufacturing, we are at the cutting edge of cyanide analyser Design and Manufacture.

Process Analytical Systems is independent for any cyanide supplier, our focus is 100% on customer satisfaction thereby ensuring Cyanide reagent savings.

Our business model is to supply quality products with world-class support.

Our equipment is installed worldwide, from the Steppe of Russia, to the wide open spaces of Patagonia and the jungles of Malaysia.

More about the TAC and WAD

TAC on-line cyanide analysers have been successfully used to control free cyanide in the Gold/Silver leach process for over twenty years.

The TAC analyser introduced in 1992 was the first unit to achieve sustained operation of closed loop cyanide addition control. TAC addressed the three basic problems that had plagued earlier equipment: reliable sampling, accurate analysis and advanced cyanide dosing control strategy.

TAC analyzers users see cyanide savings and improvement in recoveries. Plants with TAC analysers show both lower and more consistent cyanide levels in tailings.

The latest TAC 1000 model is the third generation in the TAC analyzer series.

WAD 1000 on-line weak acid dissociable cyanide (CNWAD) analysers have been used to monitor and control WAD cyanide in the Gold/Silver tailings since 2004.

The WAD 1000 assists plants in meeting residual cyanide targets in tailings as per local regulations or cyanide code compliance. Many units are used to control cyanide detoxification processes.

The WAD 1000-S analyzer ensures code compliance, reduces cyanide destruction process operating costs and forms a historical record of CNWAD values in tailings.