More about our company

Company History

Process Analytical Systems has been active in the on-line analysers market since 1989. PAS is privately owned and managed.

Mission Statement

Process Analytical Systems is an independent manufacturer of high quality purpose designed on-line chemical analysers. Our analysers are designed in-house by our experienced team of engineers and support staff for specific applications in the mining and chemical industries.

Health and safety regulations

Process Analytical Systems adheres to all relevant Health and safety regulations and provides our staff with the relevant training and safety equipment.

Extracts from our Quality Manual

As the Management of Process Analytical Systems (Pty) Ltd, we commit ourselves to comply with and manage our quality system in line with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 Standard and the various regulations and acts governing this industry.

Through focus and dedication we will position the business to find creative ways to deliver the highest quality on-line analytical products within a safe and efficient environment, thereby entrenching our reputation within the industry.

As an organisation we will ensure that we understand our customer’s current needs. This will provide us with the necessary tools to ensure that we exceed our customer expectations. Supplying top quality product will be balanced against an internal commitment to provide superior ongoing maintenance support to our products in the market, thereby creating a relationship of trust with our clients..

Cyanide Code ICMI

PAS equipment assists in implementation of the International Cyanide Management Institute (ICMI) “Cyanide Code”.

The Cyanide Code principles addressing the Operations Phase requires the user to “Introduce management and operating systems to minimize cyanide use, thereby limiting concentrations of cyanide in mill tailings”

Importantly, the entry point for cyanide that may eventually find its way to the environment is the dosing point at the head of the leach circuit. Proper measurement and control using a TAC 1000 will minimise cyanide use in the process. Proper measurement and control using a WAD1000-S will minimise destruct cost and discharge of cyanide in the mill tailings.

Overdosing cyanide is an economic “double whammy”. The plant incurs the cost of the wasted cyanide, and then has to pay again for its destruction.

Our equipment ensures optimal and efficient use of cyanide in the Leach. This ensures cyanide set-points are maintained for best recoveries and lowest cyanide use.

Our WAD 1000-S assists with compliance to the Cyanide code.